Finndamage's WoT - E 75 2nd Mark of Excellence & casual Ace tanker

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World of Tanks E100 - 6 Kills 10,6K Damage

Subscribe for more replays! Submit your replays at: - check 'About' for more details. Support the channel with 2 clicks: Follow me on Facebook: Join the Union: World of Tanks E100 - 6 Kills 10,6K Damage Medals received: High Caliber, Top Gun The E 100 is a German tier 10 heavy tank. In June 1943, the Adlerwerke company received an order for development of the E 100. However, in 1944, heavy tank development was discontinued. By the end of the war, only the chassis was completed, which was later captured by the British Army. The last tank of the Entwicklung series, the E-100 is a fearsome opponent on the battlefield. While it is not a Maus by any stretch of the imagination, this tank does share a similar play-style with it while maintaining a bit more flexibility over it's colossal counterpart. The massive armor of the E-100 is comparable but not identical to that of the Maus. While boasting excellent thickness on all sides, it is significantly more vulnerable to incoming fire due to several large weak spots. First and foremost, the lower glacis plate is enormous and wide, making angling this tank an absolute must. However, even when angled properly, the lower plate is still susceptible to penetration and will succumb to a surprising amount of unblocked damage. Despite this, the E-100 enjoys a much better angled side armor with spaced skirts which can deflect shots with far greater efficiency than the flat side armor of the Maus. The turret on the E-100 is very tall and only slightly angled making it an easy target. Though it sports very thick frontal armor, the inadequate sloping will permit several well placed shots to punch through. In addition, the significantly large turret ring and the top bar are also prevalent weak points. Angling your armor is, once again, a must. The starting main gun of the E-100 is the same 12,8cm gun which is used by the Maus, but the E-100 has the option of upgrading to the 15cm KwK L/38 cannon which packs a phenomenal alpha damage output. The long reload of both guns means that your defensive game needs to be strong due to your main role being that of a close to medium range brawler and, as such, will require effective usage of your armor. In addition, you will absolutely require your teammates aid when engaging multiple vehicles, because should your enemy decide to press your flanks, there's little that can be done to protect yourself from being encircled and mercilessly slaughtered. And although the E-100 does boast improved speed and maneuverability, artillery will still have a field day with you if you are not privy to your surroundings and your cover. Overall, the E-100 should be played much more aggressively than the Maus due to it's many marked differences and should not only act as a shield for its more vulnerable teammates but as a dealer of significant damage in return. Basically, the player is advised to take the hits but to return them in kind as well. Play this tank to it's strengths and the enemy team will have a very hard time stopping your advance as you confidently lead the assault to break through their defenses and head forth to victory. The E 100 marks the end of its German heavy line. Outro song: OST World of Tanks – Intro Login 2016 Mod:

Finndamage's WoT - T-54 mod. 1 Heartbreak

Could have played better and got me a Pool's and a Kolobanov's but no. What I'm most amazed of is that 1340 base xp was not enough for Ace. Got MT-10.4 though as a consolation prize. World of Tanks 9.22 Aslain's mod pack

E75 The Big Boss World of Tanks Blitz

A long time ago the E75 was a really really good its a really really good tank...between these two times was a period where it was a really really good get the picture? AHOY AND ENJOY!!! For apple toting humans the PODCAST IS ON ITUNES HERE! FEED FOR ANDROID CLIENTS HERE! PODCAST HERE!!!! Bushka On Blitz News Webpage: Subscribe or Vacate the premises you randy humans! Lets Connect!!! ------------------------ Google + Facebook: Twitter! Become a channel sponsor and help Increase the means of productivity comrades!!!!! click the link below to check out the Patreon sponsorship initiative! Or donate via paypal¤cy_code=AUD&bn=PP%2dDonationsBF%3abtn_donateCC_LG%2egif%3aNonHosted All efforts to support the channel are appreciated tremendously by yours truly. Check your Stats! Advanced numbers and lots of em! :) CHECK THE STATS OF TEH TANKS & Compare them DOWNLOAD THE GAME IOS! Android Theme song! As always thanks to the guy that inspired me to start rolling out blitz content. The Mighty Mighty Jingles!

World of Tanks Super Conqueror - 11 Kills 10,5K Damage

Subscribe for more replays! Submit your replays at: - check 'About' for more details. Support the channel with 2 clicks: Follow me on Facebook: Join the Union: World of Tanks Super Conqueror - 11 Kills 10,5K Damage Medals received: Pool's Medal, Crucial Contribution, High Caliber, Top Gun The Super Conqueror is a British tier 10 heavy tank. A variant of the Conqueror tank with extra armor protection. Manufactured during the first half of the 50s and used for testing the Dart and Malkara guided anti-tank missiles. During testing, the vehicle played the role of a heavy tank that could potentially appear in the future. Never saw mass-production. Replaced FV215b in 9.20.1 patch. The Super Conqueror is basically Conqueror covered with very thick spaced armor. It is less similar to American counterparts due the fact that its hull can take much more damage, and angling the hull makes it much harder to penetrate. Its oddly similar to German Super-Heavy tanks. Its lower plate becomes a weakspot and easily penetrated if not covered or angled correctly. The Super Conqueror marks the end of its British heavy line. Outro song: OST World of Tanks – Intro Login 2016 Mod:

World of Tanks E75 - 10 Kills | Best tank battles | Gameplay PC

Phew. Here's the long overdue 2nd MoE in the E 75. 155 games, 5 Ace tankers and many rage quits.

Sorry about all the gold spamming but I only wanted to get the stripes.

I had 3 nice games in a row during which I got the MoE % from 81.5 to 85.4.

World of Tanks 9.21
Aslain's mod pack

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