Maya The Bee Season 2 - On Top Form

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Maya The Bee Season 2 - Vote For Me!

The insects are fed up with numerous meetings to solve all their problems, so Flip suggests electing a Mayor to keep things organised. Everyone thinks it's a great idea, that is, until Stinger decides he wants to be in charge.

Maya the Bee Dance with the Bees

Episode Discription:Maya has difficulties to learn the bees dance, very helpful to move to the right directions. Flip will try to help her and thanks to his lessons, Maya will be able to show the chief worker bee a new field of flowers that will help feeding the larvae brood.

Maya The Bee Season 2 - Yes Sir!

When Ben's dung ball traps Max in a hole, Maya asks the ants for help, but Colonel Paul has lost his voice. Maya is put in charge of the rescue mission, but she soon realises giving orders is difficult.

Maya The Bee Season 2 - To Xi Kant

To Xi Kant, an ant with amazing fighting abilities, kidnaps Maya. He agrees to release her if Paul accepts his challenge to face him in combat.

Maya The Bee Season 2 - Maya The First

The Queen leaves the hive to visit her cousin and chooses Maya to replace her for a day. Beeswax, who wanted to be put in charge, is unhappy with the decision.

When Shelby drinks a container of royal jelly, he's suddenly filled with energy. He shares it with the other insects and they become restless too, which makes Maya feel concerned.

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