Maya The Bee Season 2 - On Top Form

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Maya The Bee Season 2 - Vote For Me!

The insects are fed up with numerous meetings to solve all their problems, so Flip suggests electing a Mayor to keep things organised. Everyone thinks it's a great idea, that is, until Stinger decides he wants to be in charge.

Maya The Bee Season 2 - Butterfly Effect

After drinking a cup of nectar brought by Maya, the queen falls ill. Maya researches the nectar and gradually understands that it all started after a conversation she had with Beatrice...

Maya The Bee Season 2 - Maya The First

The Queen leaves the hive to visit her cousin and chooses Maya to replace her for a day. Beeswax, who wanted to be put in charge, is unhappy with the decision.

Maya The Bee Season 2 - Question of Confidence

Maya wants to help Willy feel more confident and asks her friends to let him win a game of Rugseed. The plan works, and Willy, convinced he can do anything, decides to enter a big race.

Maya The Bee Season 2 - Willy's Misfortune

After Willy breaks a flower bud, the triplets tell him he will be cursed with bad luck. When Maya is injured, Willy believes it's his fault and leaves the hive.

When Shelby drinks a container of royal jelly, he's suddenly filled with energy. He shares it with the other insects and they become restless too, which makes Maya feel concerned.

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