Kingdom Hearts Classic Kingdom Trailer Analysis! - HAYNER, PENCE, OLETTE!!

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LUXU IS XEHANORT!! - What You Missed in Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance

-- Link to 7 sins colors -- Welcome back to another theory video, one that I meant to do some time ago, but found a renewed desire for after the latest Kigndom Hearts 3 trailers. I guarantee that this is something many of you missed in Dream Drop Distance, thanks to the amount of insane plot that was condensed in The World That Never Was. After putting together the pieces, I honestly cannot see any other answer. This does retcon my result from the original theory video, where I talk about what's in the box, and come to the conclusion that Xehanort is actually the Master of Masters, but that's something that I realized was most likely incorrect a while back. I'm of the firm belief now, that Luxu will be revealed to be residing in Xehanort's heart--it even follows the hard answer Nomura gave about the Master of Masters not making an appearance in Kingdom Hearts 3. Let me know your thoughts on this video for sure! I'm interested to see what everyone has to say about this. Do you think it's on the money, plausible, or complete garbage? And why? As always, thanks for watching, and be sure to like and subscribe if you want to see more content like this! Support Us On Ko-fi ► Facebook - Twitter - Twitch - Instagram @weebhutjr Tumblr

Kingdom Hearts 2: The Best Scene, Sora Leaves Twilight Town

The song that plays is "Friends in my Heart."

Did 0.2 RUIN Kingdom Hearts 1's ENDING? Kingdom Hearts Discussion

Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep has been out along with 2.8 for the past year and a half. In that year and a half everyone has played and experienced what was a very satisfying title to tide fans over leading into Kingdom Hearts 3 which is releasing January 29th. There was discussion around the time Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep released and fans finished the game that this title possibly took away from Kingdom Hearts 1's Ending. Did Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Ruin Kingdom Hearts 1's Ending? Don't Forget ▷ To Leave a Like! Share the video ▷ EVERYWHERE! (Good places to share: Discord, Facebook, Twitter, ect.) Public Discord Server! ★)- Background Music Created By: ★)- Subscribe for more ★QUALITY★ Content! ▷ Click Below ▷ To Follow/Subscribe to me on Social Media:) ★)- ★)-

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Official Frozen Trailer | E3 2018

Check out new Kingdom Hearts 3 footage revealed at Microsoft's Xbox Press Conference at E3 2018. Subscribe to GameSpot! Visit all of our channels: Features & Reviews - Video Game Trailers - Movies, TV, & Comics - Gameplay & Guides - Mobile Gaming - Like - Follow -

New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer revealed at the Union Cross Dandelion event! It's a short one, but contains all new footage!

Was surprised to see the Game-and-Watch style mini-games, but it's a good surprise. Also, the return of Hayner, Pence, and Olette!

Link to the game that those meme images inspired: (WARNING: PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK OF SANITY)


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