WoW Legion Kill 'Garothi Worldbreaker'' - "Antorus" Normal Raid Blood DK Tank PoV (2160p)

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Top 10 Unkilled Raid Bosses in WoW

The longest bosses stayed un-killed while available to do. Funny tweets from Devbot - Twitter - Facebook - Tumblr - Twitch Stream - Blogger - Reddit - Patreon - Where you can vote on/and suggest videos to be made. the list #1 Ouro - 87 days from the Twin Emperors' death. 26th April 2006. #2 C'thun - 86 days from the Twin Emperors' death. 25th April 2006. #3 tied Chromaggus - 74 days from Ebonroc's death. 25th September 2005. #3 tied Ragnaros - 74 days from Majordomo Executus' death. 25th April 2005. #5 Yogg-Saron, Alone in the Darkness - 70 days from One Light in the Darkness. 7th July 2009 #6 High Astromancer Solarian - 59 days from Magtheridon's death. 24th April 2007 #7 The Four Horsemen - 56 days from Gothik's death to D&T's kill. August 25th 2006 #8 Al'ar Phoenix God - 48 days from Magtheridon's death. 13th April 2007 #9 The Lich King (Heroic 25) - 42 Days from Heroic Putricide's death (first pull). March 26th 2010 #10 Heroic Al'Akir - 36 days from Heroic Conclave of Wind's death. January 22nd 2011. If you can't get enough of my videos you can always check out my other channels as well - World of Warcraft - Yu-Gi-Oh - Pet Battles (in WoW) - Top 10s - Jokes - MetroidVania - Heros of The Storm - Reddit - Anime stuff - Stream Vods Channel - Partner with Curse, Seriously they're great -

Fire Mage POV Karazan + 20 tyrannical

Blood DeathKnight Guide 7.3.2

Date: 13 December 2017 Patch: 7.3.2 Armory Link:

Synthesis vs Mythic Garothi Worldbreaker | Ravoks - Destro Lock PoV

Mythic Garothi Worldbreaker 1st boss of the raid Antorus, the Burning Throne Ravoks - Destro Warlock Guild - Synthesis Region/Server - US/Turalyon I apologize for the late start of the recording. Future videos will have an introduction and start on the pull. We had 15 minutes left in the raid night after first clearling all of heroic. The GL and RL decided we could still make use of the time to check out the fight. After a very close 1st pull under 30%, we attempted it again. I realized mid-pull that I planned to record and started recording. Thanks for watching, if you have any questions or suggestions on future uploads let me know.

Battle For Azeroth RAP SONG "Sylvanas Windrunner" WORLD OF WARCRAFT

WOW Legion rap "The Invasion": WOW Legion rap "Illidan":

Enjoy it and Thx to all Guildmembers of System Error at Blackhand/EU :)

WoW Legion Raid Instanz "Antorus, der Brennende Thron" Schwierigkeit "Normal" Bosskill 'Weltenbrecher der Garothi' Blut Todesritter Tank LvL 110 PoV

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