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Final Round 2018: DBFZ: ECHO | SonicFox vs CAG| GO1 [Grand Final]

Final Round 2018: DBFZ: ECHO | SonicFox vs CAG | GO1 [Grand Final] Check out more at More gaming at @ Follow us as well on Twitter @ bifuteki Follow us as well on IG @ bifutekidotcom

Power Levels - Dragon Ball Z - Frieza Saga

Power Levels - Dragon Ball Z - Frieza Saga The power levels chart was based on SethTheProgrammer's "Power Levels (Dragonball Z Frieza Saga)": If you don't agree with the numbers, please feel free to contradict Seth on his original video. Songs used: ▩ ṪHE NETSC∀PE ▩ - Muciojad Fluex - Wings To Fly FyMex - Universe Enjoy!

Dragon Ball FighterZ - Vegito Tips & Tricks

(timestamps below) Vegito Tips! As always in this videos a bit of a rundown on the moveset, then moving over to some of his gimmicky stuff, plus on block projectile setups, and more! 0:32 - special and super moves 8:47 - notable normals 11:05 - floatover gimmicks 14:15 - making his projectile plus on block 17:42 - general gameplan 22:13 - in closing If you enjoyed the content and found it helpful please consider leaving me a tip @ Anything helps! With tips I can afford to buy the good bread instead of the cheap flakey bread cause I am a poor bum. On Twitter @ On Twitch @

KnowKami(Fused Zamasu/Cell/Gotenks) Fights Rico Suave(Vegito Blue/Broly/SSJ Goku)![DBFZ]

Hey Guys! FINALLY, the new DLC is out, and we finally get to try out Fused Zamasu and Vegito Blue! Fused Zamasu looks like a very good character, with good buttons and just good tools, while Vegito Blue looks like a very pain in the ass character to deal with, because of his crazy moveset, having unique normals and everything, and I can't wait to see how these characters play out in the game! This video is showing off some awesome play, of a set between Know Kami Vs Rico Suave! Rico Suave is known to be one of the best Killer Instinct players of all time and also plays a good amount of other fighting games, such as USF4 as one example! Know Kami is an Guilty Gear XRD player mainly, but, is starting to pick up traction in Dragon Ball FighterZ! He is trying out Fused Zamasu, with a shell of Cell/Gotenks to back him up! All the footage that was recorded in this video is from the replay system on the PS4 using my own Recording Device, which every match recorded with it is a Ranked match between each player! No footage is taken from any streams or other media streaming websites that is not my own recording. Enjoy! Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed it! Stay tune to for more content! If you like this video, make sure to subscribe, because I have more DBFZ content on the way soon! Hey everyone, just letting you know I setup a paypal donation link to see if you want help out in some way to help me produce more content for this channel the link is here: If you want to donate, you can do so here: Also, if you REALLY care, you can also follwing me on twitter here: So you know when I upload videos or various things! Also, if you want to get better at Dragon Ball Fighter Z, check out the Dragon Ball Fighter Z Subreddit at everyone there would be gadly to able to help you out! Also, if you want to be featured on this channel at all, send me a message on my PSN Tag: TheZerms and let me know what your team is, and what time you usually on, and we can work something out! Part of TGN Network

DragonBall FighterZ FGC Arena - Presented by Fantasy Gold Coin Tourney - PSRK Nicomaki vs Real

DBFZ $10000 Millennial Esports Tourney nicomaki vs real Powered by Fantasy Gold Coin, Draft Daily, FGC Arena and -- Watch live at

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Dragon Ball FighterZ is an upcoming 2.5D fighting game[4] developed by Arc System Works and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, based on the Dragon Ball franchise for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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