Horizon Zero Dawn - All Hunting Ground Trials - Blazing Sun Marks Walkthrough

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Horizon Zero Dawn [PS4P] Thunderjaw V Thunderjaw

Robowars #2

Horizon Zero Dawn - Thunderjaw Instant kill guide (Very Rare Modification Farm)

Horizon Zero Dawn Thunderjaw Instant kill easily with tripcaster bomb (100% Very Rare Modification drop). Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/RadeeVon

How hard (fun) Ultra Hard really is (Horizon Zero Dawn)

The Frozen Wilds is coming out November 7th!! ********100k is no small achievement, especially for a video that's clearly so darn controversial! Happy Turkey Day! *******Holy moly guacamole!!! 50k views and with The Frozen Wilds right around the corner! Thanks and hope ya'll keep enjoying HZD! ******Officially at 20k views. Never expected this kind of interest in my video, but it's amazing nonetheless. See ya'll later! *****Can't get any better than this. 10k views. Appreciate them all! ****Yahoo! Nailed 5000 views. Real cool guys, glad you enjoyed the vid. Happy Friday! ***4000+ views! Thanks for sharing in this masterpiece of a video game. Cheers yet again! =D **Looking at an even 2,500 views right now. Thanks for the views, comments, thumbs-up, and thumbs-down. Cheers again! =) *Appreciate the 1000+ views, Internet strangers! Didn't expect my first YT video to be so popular. Cheers! :) Taking on two Thunderjaws in HZD. In Ultra Hard, weapon damage is lower, machines are more aggressive (as evidenced here), and merchants charge more for resources.


SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVLFG-LFC12uaD41mqtlCNg?sub_confirmation=1 Showcasing Weapons introduced in The Frozen Wilds DLC. High Damage numbers because video was filmed on Story difficulty. DLC story This expansion is set in The Cut, a region on the border of Banuk territory, and involves Aloy journeying to the peak of a mysterious mountain. The Frozen Wilds will include new machines, quests, weapons, settlements, trophies, abilities, activities, and characters not seen in the base game, and serves as a new chapter in Aloy's adventure. General Game info Horizon Zero Dawn is an action role-playing game played from a third-person view. Players take control of Aloy, a hunter and archer, as she progresses through a post-apocalyptic land ruled by robotic creatures known simply as "Machines". Machine components, such as electricity and the metal they are composed of, are vital to Aloy's survival, and she can loot their corpses to find useful resources for crafting. Aloy uses a variety of ways to kill enemies, such as setting traps like tripwires using the Ropecaster, shooting enemies with arrows, using explosives, and melee combat. Weaponry and traps may be purchased from traders. Further, she is essentially able to hack a selection of creatures with the Override Tool, turning them into makeshift vehicles or travelling companions. Aloy can also hide in foliage and ambush nearby enemies to ensure immediate takedowns. A "focus scan" allows Aloy to determine her enemies' susceptibilities, identify their location, the particular level they possess and the nature of loot they will drop. There are three categories in the skill tree—"Prowler" concerns stealth; "Brave" improves combat; and "Forager" increases healing and gathering capabilities.

10 unfairest bosses in gaming

Not all video game bosses are made equally. Some bosses are hard because they are simply unfair. We are here today to name and shame the most annoyingly cheap boss battles that exist in games. From the many overpowered fighting game bosses to the most blatantly unfair boss in Dark Souls. Here are the 10 unfairest bosses in gaming! Thumbnail artwork by EnigaSystem http://www.artstation.com/artist/enigmasystem Galactus - Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Get ready to see a lot of fighting games on this list. Somehow the developers of these games really seem to like cheap boss battles. Galactus, the cosmic, planet-eating being, is like a Greatest Hits of unfair fighting game bosses. He's huge in size, has a non-stop laser beam barrage and massively confusing attacks. Capra Demon - Dark Souls The Dark Souls series is known for being tough, but fair… Except for the Capra Demon from the original Dark Souls. Everything about the battle is intended to cheat the player out of a victory, and the developers should be ashamed for its inclusion. What makes the Capra Demon such a hard battle is not so much the demon itself, but rather the area that you fight it in. Shao Kahn - Mortal Kombat 2 Shao Kahn has ruined the lives of arcade goers and console owners for decades. Fans of Mortal Kombat expect a certain level of brutality but the merciless beatings this guy delivers are out of this world. It’s almost as if he knows your exact button inputs even before you enter them. Pretty much the only time you can attack Shao Kahn is when he's taunting you. T Deviljho - Monster Hunter 3 The Monster Hunter series is filled with incredible boss battles. It also has its share of unfair ones, that abuse the lengthy animations of the player. There is one monster that stands out from the rest in terms of unfairness. Its name is Deviljho, and he’s big, fast, and strong. You encounter him in High Rank missions, where he will pose a challenge to the most experienced team of Hunters. Azazel - Tekken 6 Azazel is a fire-breathing crystal dragon that's as tall as the screen in Tekken 6. He has disgusting combo damage with his stomps, unpredictable animations, and immaculate defenses. His enormous size covers the majority of your viewing angle at any given time which is very annoying. Gill - Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Gill is the horribly unfair final boss of Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. His normal attacks cause block damage and his stuns last much longer than yours. His super arts are particularly broken and cause obscene amounts of damage. The guy moves like lightning. Death Egg Zone - Sonic 2 Sonic 2 is a pretty short and easy game. However there is one frustratingly difficult moment and it happens during the final level. Once you reach the Death Egg Zone, you are thrust into two consecutive boss battles. The first is against Metal Sonic. The second is against Dr. Robotnik’s Giant Mech. Seth - Street Fighter IV You think the developers would have learned from the unfair boss in Street Fighter 3. However Seth in Street Fighter IV is just as cheap. His moveset is made up entirely of enhanced versions of the best attacks from other characters. It seems that Seth was intentionally designed to be as frustrating as possible. Dark Souls - Bed Of Chaos The second unfair boss fight in Dark Souls comes in the form of Bed of Chaos. Every challenge in Dark Souls is surmountable on the first try if you give it enough consideration, but not this one. Each time you destroy one of the two anchors placed on either side of the boss, the floor will crumble away. This happens with zero indication as to where or when that will happen. Parace L'Sia - Arcana Hearts 3 This major boss character in the Arcana Heart series is beyond cheap. Her moves are absolute overkill and she so many other unfair advantages. She is fast as lightning, teleports around the arena and combos your health away. She also generates her health the entire fight and has very overpowered special moves. What is the most unfair boss you’ve ever fought? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel! YOU NEED A COOL SHIRT? ► http://shop.zoomin.tv/#/ZoominGamesShop ZOOMINGAMES ON SOCIAL MEDIA ► Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/zoomingames ► Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/zoomingames ► Instagram - zoomingames.ig ► Discord - https://discord.gg/3xzSxEa ► Twitch - http://www.twitch.tv/zoomintvgames MUSIC AND AUDIO Music provided by Epidemic Sound. http://www.epidemicsound.com/youtube-creator-subscription/

Horizon Zero Dawn - Blazing Suns at all Grounds Trophy Guide - Earned a Blazing Sun mark in all trials at all of the Hunting Grounds. [Gold]

This walkthrough shows all 15 hunting ground trials with a blazing sun mark. The trials are scattered across 5 different hunting grounds. They are marked by a blue icon on the map after climbing the Tallnecks.
I recommend you get the Shield-Weaver armor first because it renders you invincible: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8iyv4o_0yU
Buy as many purple weapons as you can, especially the Shadow Hunter Bow and Shadow Sharpshot Bow. If you have trouble with a trial wait until the end of the game when you are level 30 or higher. At this point it will be very easy.

All of these challenges are time based. The faster you are, the better you will score. The blazing sun marks are basically gold medals. It also gives you 17,500 XP per blazing sun mark which is great for quick level ups.
For the trial "Ravager Control" you must learn how to override ravagers with your spear. You get this ability by completing Cauldron RHO (Cauldrons are also marked on the map with blue icons).


Nora Hunting Grounds:
#1 - 0:05
#2 - 1:36
#3 - 2:40

Valleymeet Hunting Grounds:
#4 - 3:46
#5 - 4:44
#6 - 5:54

Greatrun Hunting Grounds:
#7 - 6:40
#8 - 8:21
#9 - 9:34

Spurflints Hunting Grounds:
#10 - 11:16
#11 - 13:52
#12 - 14:52

Sun Furrows Hunting Grounds:
#13 - 16:28
#14 - 17:53
#15 - 20:17

Horizon Zero Dawn Trophy Guide & Roadmap: http://www.powerpyx.com/horizon-zero-dawn-trophy-guide-roadmap/

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Captured on PS4 PRO in Performance Mode. Thanks to Sony / PlayStation for providing a copy of this game.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Trophies (HZD):

All trophies obtained
Obtained all Horizon Zero Dawn trophies.

3 Strikes From Above
Killed 3 enemies using the Strike from Above skill.

Tore off 10 components
Detached 10 components from machines during combat.

10 Vulnerable machine kills
Killed 10 machines weak to Fire while burning, or weak to Freeze while frozen.

Tore off 5 heavy weapons
Detached 5 heavy weapons from machines during combat.

7 types of machine overridden
Unlocked and used the overrides for 7 different types of machine.

Headshot 30 human enemies
Killed 30 human enemies by landing headshots on them.

Downed 23 Grazer dummies
Found and knocked over all of the Grazer training dummies in the Nora region.

First Modification
Used a Weapon Coil or Outfit Weave on a modifiable weapon or outfit.

All Acquisition machines killed
Killed at least one of every type of Acquisition machine.

All Recon machines killed
Killed at least one of every type of Reconnaissance machine.

All Combat machines killed
Killed at least one of every type of Combat machine.

All Transport machines killed
Killed at least one of every type of Transport machine.

All Skills learned
Learned all available skills.

First Tallneck Overridden
Scaled a Tallneck and accessed its information.

First Bandit Camp cleared
Took back a settlement from a bandit clan.

First Core Overridden
Reached the Core of a Cauldron and accessed its information.

All Suns at one Ground
Earned at least a Half Sun mark in all three trials at one Hunting Ground.

Blazing Suns at one Ground
Earned a Blazing Sun mark in all three trials at one Hunting Ground.

First Corrupted Zone cleared
Killed all the corrupted machines in a Corrupted Zone.

All Tallnecks Overridden
Scaled all of the Tallnecks and accessed their information.

Cleared all the Bandit Camps
Took back all settlements from the bandit clans.

All Cores Overridden
Reached the Core of every Cauldron and accessed the information within.

All Suns at all Grounds
Earned at least a Half Sun mark in all trials at all of the Hunting Grounds.

Blazing Suns at all Grounds
Earned a Blazing Sun mark in all trials at all of the Hunting Grounds.

All Corrupted Zones cleared
Killed all the corrupted machines in every Corrupted Zone.

All machines catalogued
Encountered and Focus scanned every type of machine.

First Vantage found
Found and accessed a Vantage datapoint.

First Metal Flower found
Discovered a strange metal flower.

First Banuk Figure found
Found a wooden effigy left by a Banuk traveler.

First Ancient Vessel found
Found an ancient vessel once used by the Old Ones.

All Vantages found
Found and accessed all of the Vantage datapoints.

All Metal Flowers found
Found all of the Metal Flowers.

All Banuk Figures found
Found all of Arnak's figures.

All Ancient Vessels found
Found all the Ancient Vessels.

Got the Shield-Weaver outfit
Recovered an ancient technology and put it to use.

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