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Eat my Snake, Konami.

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This is just a quick little video to tide you guys over, workin on a couple more things for this year! @SoliderAce

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As I mentioned in the video, I did record this while I was on painkillers, as well as a pretty immense amount of pain, you can hear it at some points in the recording, so don't be put off by that. Wanted this video out much sooner, but due to surgery, I just couldn't get it out in a timely fashion. My twitch - my twitter - my TA playlist -

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Yes, this game is awful, and was obviously slapped together in a haste. I stuck to comparing this game to DR3 mainly because crowbcat, and several others have already compared this game to DR1, and have shown that it is inferior to the 10 year old product, I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring as well, to further prove how shitty this game is.

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In the back of my mind... I always knew.
Those IGN slides were lovingly recreated by - average pixel, go check him out

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