WoT Blitz T62a 6.4K easy

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WoT Blitz T-62A - моя новая любовь❤

Неоднократно апнутая T-62A завоевала сердце Перфект Майнда... ==== МОЯ ГРУППА ВК: https://vk.com/perfect_m1nd Инстаграм Перфекта - https://www.instagram.com/perfect.m1nd/ Лизы - https://www.instagram.com/liza_29_/ Коши - https://www.instagram.com/perfect.kosha/ Игра - World Of Tanks Blitz (WoT Blitz)

Object 140 - T62A World Of Tank Blitz ACE

WoT Blitz FV215b 183 6.6K 7 kills Ras

Just an average game in the underpowered 183 In 1080P 60FPS with sound

WoT Blitz E50 Impossible win

Last man standing and came out on top. Discord server: https://discord.gg/ddpY6Pa In 1080P 60FPS with sound

World of Tanks Blitz- T62a Vs Obj 140

Pazar keyfi rus medleriyle olur.

Against a noob team with an overpowered tank. The tank has been overbuffed to a point in which it was easy to achieve 80% WR with almost 200 games.

In other news: 500 subscribers !

Thank you all for supporting an average player :)

In 1080P 60FPS with sound

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