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Eachine Chasser 88 Nano Racing Drone Flight Test: Fast FPV Flight Review

In this video we take a closer look at the brand new Chaser88 from Eachine. This aircraft brings brushless racing to the new class of racers under 100mm. This aircraft can really perform and is worth adding to your collection. I replaced the stock camera with an Eachine MC01 and I am getting much better video. The image is cleaner and the static issue I was having is gone. The MC01 camera was easy to install and it works great, I might try to install the MC02 camera, but I'll need to install a booster module first. The range I got while using the FSA8S receiver was great. The battery life was a little short, but charge times are quick. Durability is amazing, this aircraft is designed to crash hard and keep going. The metal roll bar does a great job absorbing impacts and protecting the camera and video transmitter. Definitely worth checking out. Buy the aircraft here Eachine Chaser-88 ARF Flight video recorded with - Eachine 5802LCD 5.8 G Video receiving diversity monitor with DVR VR Glasses used - Eachine Goggles Two Transmitter used - Flysky FS i6 Receiver used - Flysky FS A8S 2 Chaser 88 stats 91.4 grams stock Video transmitter - 25mW 40CH 5.8g Motors-Brushless 1103 10000kv F3 Mini flight controller Battery 7.4 volt 2 cell 450 mah Receiver-FS A8S 8 channel receiver i-bus sbus ppm size 88 millimeter

Eachine E010S

Quelques vols du E010S de Eachine. Le test est à lire sur Le Eachine E010S est disponible sur Banggood : Musique : Disco Lounge par Kevin MacLeod est distribué sous la licence Creative Commons Attribution ( Source : Artiste : __url_artiste__

X73S 1S Brushless Micro

X73S Spares: Battery: Transmitter: My goggles: Diversity receiver: Antenna: Patch: Taranis +:

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Custom build chaser 88

Eachine Chaser 88 + iRangeX RX Setup and Review

The Eachine Chaser 88 is one of Eachine's latest mini FPV racers equipped with 10.000KV Racerstar motors, 6A 4in1 BLHELI_S ESCs, a PIKO BLX F3 flight controller, a 25mW 40CH video transmitter, integrated with an 800TVL CMOS FPV camera. Setting up the Eachine Chaser 88 with the iRangeX iR-A8S receiver and transmitter is really easy, almost plug and play. Eachine Chaser 88: iRangeX TX/RX combo:


*** These PIDs are for the stock props that came with the chaser88 (which honestly aren't any good...***
please view my later videos where I swapped on the Aurora90 props, or check out my dedicated blog page:

Hello guys! Here are my final PIDs for Eachine Chaser88
She does still wobble a bit at the end of harsh moves, but it's good enough for what this quad was meant to do

I also opened the throttle a bit this time and she turns out to be pretty quick!
Do take note that I have removed the LED/Buzzer bar from this Chaser88 so she's lighter than the stock version.

Find this quad here!

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