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5 Simple Life Hacks For your Phone

Simple Life Hacks For your Phone Subscribe to my channal )) Alan Walker - Fade [NCS Release] Alan Walker - Spectre [NCS Release] ➞ Facebook ➞ SoundCloud ➞ YouTube ➞ Twitter ➞ Website Are you Crazy, Life Hacks, experiment , ways , What if , What happens if

Battle Boom Best Deck

What is the Battle Boom Best Deck? Well, no perfect deck for everyone. But this desk with common, rare and hero type only manage get me hover at Gold III. No legendary card is needed. You can try it too... Feedback from others - workable at Bronze I, II & III, Silver 1, 2 & 3, Gold III and IV as well... == Battle Boom Playlists == Gameplay - Guide - Walkthrough - == Support me by buying stuffs with these links - Thanks!!! == GearBest - Banggood - Amazon - Lazada - == Social Links == YouTube - Blog -

Bomber Legend: Super Classic Boom Battle - New Game for Android

Bomber Legend: Super Classic Boom Battle - New Game for Android Bomber Legend: Super Classic Boom Battle – перемещайте героя по опасному лабиринту и обходите все преграды на пути. Ваш герой в этой игре будет использовать бомбы, с помощью которых будет прокладывать себе дорогу. Расставляйте бомбы в нужных местах и наслаждайтесь зрелищными взрывами и эффектами. Старайтесь одним взрывом уничтожить как можно больше врагов и преград на пути. Опасайтесь того что ваш герой сам может взорваться на своей бомбе. По пути собирайте бонусы и усиления и применяйте их против врагов. Путешествуйте по пяти различным мирам и открывайте новых забавных героев. Приручайте питомцев и вместе с ними быстрее проходите уровни. Bomber Legend: Super Classic Boom Battle - move the hero through a dangerous labyrinth and bypass all obstacles on the way. Your hero in this game will use bombs, with the help of which will pave his way. Arrange the bombs in the right places and enjoy spectacular explosions and effects. Try to destroy as many explosions as possible enemies and obstacles on the way. Be wary of the fact that your hero himself can explode on his bomb. On the way collect bonuses and gains and apply them against enemies. Travel through five different worlds and discover new funny characters. Tame pets and with them quickly pass the levels. Bomber Legend Super Classic Boom Battle is an extremely exciting classic action strategy game for you created by Alphaway Studio. Develop from the classic bomber game with innovation, this game promise to bring you alot of fun and interesting. ★ HOW TO PLAY ★ + Use joytick control to move the hero + Place the bomb to defeat the monsters + Choose good strategy to bombing smart monsters + Be careful, bombs can also destroy yourself in exploding range. + Get items hiden in obstacles + Collect gold and items to improve your power + Clear the map before time elapse + Defeat the big bosses in final battles ★ GAME FEATURE ★ + Five bomber zones with a lot of mystery to discover + Super heroes with customize fighter skills + Cute pets to support heroes in fighting + Variety of boom types with special boom effects + Power up items help you stronger in action + Achievement and daily missions ★ INTERESTING BOMBER ZONES ★ + Ninja zone: with the support of pet like turtle, your hero warrior with fight with ninja in manga design to win the battle. Be careful with samurai in the last scene because he is extremely dangerous. Even the ninja may have special kungfu, but your bomb can take them all. + Pirate zone: finding the treasure hiden under the old ship, facing with monster and pirate in the difficult battle. The best tip is using horse in this zone and put your bomb bubble in the right place. + Zombie zone: there are different kinds of zombie need to kill to clear the map. In the apocalypse city, your hero need to defend the attack of zombie waves. Commander zombie can shoot, soldier ghost zombie can attack and nurse zombie can create poison under the shadow. So put your bomb in a smart way to survive. + Ice Age zone: a cute zone with 3 cute monsters: penguins, snowman and reindeer. Enjoy your adventure to cartoon world in snow village. + UFO zone: This zone bring you an adventure to ufo world: meeting the alien, facing with flying robot and scary z stickman fighters. And last but not least is to defeat the robot boss and bombsquad. ★ CUTE PETS ★ A big set of animals can be your pets: turtle, horse, ostrick, tiger, elephant and dragon. Pets help you to run faster, become stronger. Let's pick up some of them to become your bomber friends. ★ SUPER HEROES ★ We have both boy and girl in superheroes fighters collection: Rocky, Laydy Moon, Red Fairy, Tsumugai, Super Herou, Spaidey, Batmoon, Robinhuc, Mancap, Sonkunkai. They are not heroes in marvel novel but all of them are very cute, very skillful who can bring you to the superman advendture. Bomber legend classic is an offline game, online mode is comming soon. It's designed to be an action fun game for free with hd graphics and vivid sound effects. With our effort to design an innovation classic bomber legend game, we expect the player can feel that: the game is fun and cute which is suitable to play anytime and anywhere wherever drive a bike, on the train, the bus, the plan, in a temple, eating candy or being in the office. Game is for everybody. All ages under or over 18, kids and children, women and man, adults, workers, gold digger can play. Not play more than 3 hours per day, spend time of relaxing, working, exercising, watch football if you want to. We will give you frequent update in 2017, 2018 and so on. Get ready to blast the enemy. Bom it! Play it to fulfill your mania. Blow up everything in the way you run. Gods knows who is the winner in final fight. You will be a big bomberman with a ton of bomb and powerful blast in a bomba game.

Battle Boom Gameplay - Offense Deck Vs Defense Deck - Silver III Ep 001 PvP

How to Defeat Defensive Deck of Silver III Rank Battle Boom - Offensive Deck Silver III Vs Defensive Deck Silver III -------------------------------------- Episode 1 Game Play by Vasile --------------------------------------- Real Time Strategy Game Battle Boom Game by FourThirtyThree Inc. -------------------------------------- Strategy and Technique How to Defeat Defensive Deck on Battle Boom without a Huge AOE Fire Power -------------------------------------- Battle Boom Real Time Strategy Game Battle Boom Rank Silver III PvP Player vs Player PvP RTS

[Battle Boom] Boom Yourself to the Top!

Enjoy your weekend full of BOOM! Battle your way up to Gold and compete at the highest level! Their is room for everyone! Battle Boom!

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Enemies up ahead Commander!
Plan out your strategy and the use of Battle Point to outstrip your opponents with your troops in the extended battlefields!

Go all out BOOM with the newest RTS type mobile game! Be the commander to your always ready for action troops and epic units and lead them to glory!
Take control of the battle and be ready to bring on the BOOM with over 70 different types of units. Whether it is swarming the opponent with infantry troops, blasting your way through enemy defenses with tanks or surprising the enemy with exploding rats!
Do whatever it takes to be the one with the best strategy and to emerge victorious!
Battle it out and become the most feared commander and expert strategist.

- Global real-time strategy battle!
- Enjoy the vast and panoramic battlefield and adapt your strategy.
- Bring on the BOOM with over 70+ units and weapons at your disposal!
- Join forces with your Legion members and battle your way to the top of the world!
- Enjoy the face melting graphics!
- Limitless strategy to blow up your enemies with the use of tanks or unit-producing buildings.
*Disclaimer: BOOM is not an addiction, it’s a necessity!

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