Shaun the Sheep - pig trouble 2012

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Shaun the Sheep Olympics Episode 1

Shaun the Sheep 2010. Bitzer's Basic Training


شون ذا شيب

انا بجرب بحمل هذا الفيديو عشان بعدين احط المصارعة

Shaun the Sheep Season 1 Full Episodes 06 to 10 New Compilation Part 2 | Superfun

Shaun the Sheep Season 1 Full Episodes 06 to 10 New Compilation Part 2: The Episodes: Ep6: Still Life The Farmer oil paints the farm, but runs out of white paint for the sheep. Shaun tries to fix the painting, but soon the rest of the flock are a riot of colour. Although the painting appears ruined, it actually proves to be a fortune-winning masterpiece at the end. Ep7: Mower Mouth An eager goat eats everything in sight, very similar to Shirley. He accidentally breaks free, and takes Shaun on an impromptu ride. Ep8: Take Away After observing the farmer ordering pizza, Shaun and the flock try to get some of their own, posing as a person. Ep9: The Bull Shaun learns that the Bull in the Farmer's field attacks anything that is coloured red. The mischievous pigs try to paint the flock red by colouring the sheep dip. Shaun has to clean up the mess and save his friends from the Bull's rage. Ep10: Saturday Night Shaun Shaun uses the Farmer's old record player for a dance party, but the pigs interfere with the party by playing rock music. Meanwhile, the Farmer attempts to get his new music player to work, but has trouble. Thank for watching! Please subscribe channel to enjoy more: Enjoy more: Spiderman vs Frozen full Episodes: Welcome to website and see more: #shaunthesheep #shaun #sheep #funny #funnycartoons #cartoons #animation #season1

Shaun the Sheep Shear Madness - الخروف شون 2012

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