AssAssin`s CREED ROGUE (REMASTERED) :어쌔신 크리드 로그 (리마스터) - #03 가르침과 계시

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Polar and Grid Charts ✈ ATPL ✈

Please note: 45-100=305 not 310! ;) ATPL Navigation Theory: Polar and Grid Charts ✈ Please like, share and subscribe if you found this video useful and would like to see more :) Comment with future video suggestions bellow!

Grid Coordinates 101

Grid Coordinates on a topographical map. During the filming of this video, I made an honest mistake inverting the Easting line and Northing line. Mistake duly noted. Using the 8 digit grid reference and the protractor. Here is the follow up video. Check out my Post Apocalyptic video series called the Journey. The Journey part one: The Journey part two: The Journey part three: The Prepper Action website/Amazon store: Prepper Action on Facebook:

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CATS ATPL GNAV Grid Navigation Question 1

How to answer ATPL grid navigation questions

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