Finndamage's WoT - M40/M43 - SPG-15.2 War Gods with honors

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WORLD OF TANKS: "ARTY KINGs 6" G.W. Tiger on Redshire SPG WoT

WORLD OF TANKS: "ARTY KINGs 6" G.W. Tiger on Redshire SPG WoT #Worldoftanks #gaming #WoT #Worldoftanks #WoTeu #WoTna #WoTpc Support my Channel if You like: The G.W. Tiger is a German tier 9 self-propelled gun. Development of an SPG on the chassis of the Pz.Kpfw. VIB Tiger II started in 1942. The project called for designing a common self-propelled gun carriage for the 17 cm Kanone 72 gun and 21 cm Mörser 18/1 howitzer. The concept of the SPG allowed the use of artillery systems from both the carriage and the ground. Work on building an experimental prototype began in 1945. With its largest gun, this massive artillery hits for roughly 1,100 damage, but fires at only 1.49 rounds/min. Due to its large damage output, the GW Tiger is one of the most feared artillery on the field. Following the tradition of the other German artillery, the GW Tiger is fairly mobile (although noticeably less so than the Hummel or G.W. Panther) for its size and is capable of speeds of up to 45 km/h. The G.W. Tiger leads to the G.W. E 100. Pros: Same 210mm top gun as its predecessor, but with improved overall stats 303mm pen AP shells are the best of any tier 9 artillery Large splash for HE shells Decent vertical shell arc on upgraded gun Cons: Long reload Narrow gun traverse arc Low accuracy Mobility is better than its predecessor, though being better than the worst is no praise Its large size makes it difficult to hide, due to a very large silhouette and terrible camo The GW Tiger has the most powerful gun of any tier 9 artillery, but also the worst mobility of them. It can hit anything hard, but has difficulty relocating around the map to get different angles. It has a decent vertical shell arc, but its narrow horizontal gun traverse forces you to traverse the chassis to switch targets often, resetting your aim. It's lack of gun depression along with its low mobility and narrow gun arc hinders its ability in TD mode, limiting it to ambush situations. It is generally considered inferior to the M53/55, which has higher mobility and better horizontal gun arc for only slightly less splash and alpha. Jay1311 G.W. Tiger Survived Shots fired 14 direct hits/penetrations 7/7 splash damage 8 Damage 3709 from a distance of more than 300 meters 2999 Hits received 0 penetrations 0 non-penetration 0 Hits received as a result of splash damage 2 Damage blocked by armor 0 Damage caused to allies (destroyed/HP) 0/0 Enemy vehicles spotted 1 Enemy vehicles damaged/destroyed 11/9 Damage upon detecting 0 Damage to enemy vehicles stunned by player 401 Stuns caused 6 Base capture/defence points 74/63 Distance traveled 1.36 --- Hardcore Letsplay: Maker of "Funny WoT Fails & Gains" "YOLO KINGs" "ARTY KINGs" "CARRY KINGs" "DERP KINGs" + every day: WoT replays of top dmg/frag games. If you have nice replays in one of those categories feel free to send me the link into Youtube inbox. Follow me also on Twitter Facebook G+ ----------------------- world of tanks tank "World of Tanks" WoT xvm WorldofTanks Panzer tank tenk 9.20.1 wot update the worlds na official blitz pc gameplay game online gaming td lt ht arty medium yolokings funny moments yolo kings tanks derp kings fails fun lets play wot pro mode, wot panzer, wot panzer vergleich, wot übersicht, panzer stats, wot update awesome epic guys mailand world of lol mailand dezgamez phlydaily circonflexes flamu wot mouzakrobat world of tanks deutsch mighty jingles quickybaby wot mootality

Finndamage's WoT - M40/M43 Ace Tanker

My 1st Ace tanker in an SPG. Decided to begin those from a higher tier.. World of Tanks 9.21 Aslain's mod pack

Finndamage's WoT - AMX M4 51 Ace tanker - With a little help from my friends

Now here's an unexpected ace. What made it possible was that my platoon mate Elasti flipped his Type 4 Heavy and I was able to hog all that damage. This was my 20th game in the 51. I'm pretty sure it will be nerfed hard in upcoming patches as it's quite OP as it is now. World Of Tanks 9.21 Aslain's mod pack


Поддержать стримера: Сбербанк - 2202 2001 6353 6822 Всю важную информацию о “Турнир Чака. КОРМ во взводе!” вы можете найти по ссылке - - Моя группа VK Меня зовут Максимка и мне 22 лет. Живу я в прекрасном курортном городе Чебоксары, что является столицей великой Республики Чувашии. Я два метра ростом и во мне 120 килограмм мышечной массы, поэтому шутки со мной лучше не шутить. Начал я свою победоносную карьеру еще в 2014 году, в команде GGWP. Это была великая команда, в которой было все, смесь скилла, дружбы и отчаяния. Но меня позвали в HR, где я добился много чего ( не буду говорить чего ), после чего играл в команде NSS, где и закончил свою карьеру 31.01.2018 (не точно). Езжу на красном солярисе ( не бит, не крашен). #Monti #монти #wot #вот #танки #TheMontiablo #KOPM2 #КОРМ2 #beowulf422 #био #cresp1ks #кресп #чака #турнир_чака

Finndamage's WoT - The Undisputed Ace of E 50 First Class Presents Again

Again. No words. No comments. Just ffs. 1319 base xp. World of Tanks 1.0 Aslain's mod pack

Playing SPGs has definitely not been my thing. Eventually I decided to finish the T28 HTC set SPG missions with honors for the orders and the special camo. Most of the SPG missions were super easy but this last one took some effort. I recently had a nice day during which I completed some 10 SPG missions in 25 battles or so. This last one took some 35-45 battles I think. I got the other conditions several times but my team never won. I'm glad it's over now.

This is my first and quite likely my last SPG video ever.

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