Complete Emerald Nightmare Guide (Normal/Heroic)

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Emerald Nightmare - Fast Guide, Quick Strategy and Overview of the Raid Bosses!

New Gearing Guide - WOW 7.3.5 - Preview of PVE and Gearing Strategy in Legion - Mythic & Mythic+ Gear Guide - Watch Here: - How I got my Survival Hunter from 846 - 953 iLvL in 2 days using M+ and Antorus the Burning Throne Raid - Solo & Easy! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Apply to our Legion Guild - The BRO Squad - Here: Here is my Quick Overview and Strategy Guide and Fast Guide for Emerald Nightmare Normal and Some Heroic Discussion. This is a Fast Introduction to the Boss Strategies and Mechanics and also My Opinion and Review on the Boss Fights and Overall Experience. Raid Bosses in Emerald Nightmare: Nythendra, Elerethe Renferal Ursoc, Il'gynoth, Dragons of Nightmare Strategy, Cenarius and Xavius. This is based on Personal Opinion and Experience, and it's not meant to give u a full strategy of the Emerald Nightmare Heroic or Mythic Bosses. It's just a Quick Overview and Strategy Guide for Certain Boss Mechanics and The Fights overall. If you let me know down in the comments, whether you want my personal strategies and guidelines on boss fights and mechanics... I can do 1-3 minute videos for Every Boss fight, to just give u the Important Information that you NEED to know for Heroic, Mythic and Normal Emerald Nightmare. Thank you for Watching! If you Enjoyed the Video, or if u find it useful, or just because of LOL's... press the Like Button and from Next Reset you will get only Mythic Titanforged Gear in your mailbox on Daily Basis, because of Reasons. Forever Your BRO, Umren! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Watch the Newest Video: "#LifeTalks #2 - New Life Schedule, New Puppy, New Dilemas: BFA or Legion!?" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

The Story of The Emerald Nightmare [Lore]

Xavius, N'zoth and the Emerald Nightmare have corrupted the world tree Shaladrassil within Val'sharah. Several of our allies, Ursoc, Cenarius, Ysera and a whole bunch more have been corrupted, the nightmare is spreading and we need to put a stop to it. I hope you'll enjoy! ================================================ Want More Lore?! The Whispers of Il'gynoth: The Story of Lord Xavius: The Story of The Ashbringer: The Story of Lilian Voss: ================================================ Twitter: Facebook: Twitch: Ask: Patreon: ================================================ Intro screen made by Pakulia: Outro screen made by Whammo: The music in this video is provided royalty free. (Creative Commons License) Songs:The Path of the Goblin King Music by: © 2001-2008 Kevin MacLeod World of Warcraft® and Blizzard Entertainment®


Boss guide for LFR - XAVIUS Feel free to leave a comment down below letting me know what you think and if you have any additional ideas / insight on warrior tanks! If you like these guides let me know with a thumbs up and a subscription! Twitter:

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Emerald Nightmare covered like you've never seen before.
Get a snapshot of how to tackle each boss without being bogged down by extraneous details.

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Nythendra - 00:53
Elerethe Renferal - 13:41
Ursoc - 03:25
Il'gynoth - 05:41
Dragons of Nightmare - 09:55
Cenarius - 18:42
Xavius - 24:02
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