[Wot Blitz] Tiger II 5650dmg MASTERY ACE {20160607}

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T49 world of tank blitz mastery gameplay Kolobanov 152mm Gun

T49 world of tank blitz mastery gameplay Kolobanov 152mm Gun Light Tier 8 USA. Voice : English/Anglais If you want to share a gameplay send it here :) : Alexander.jimmy.y@gmail.com (Use We transfert on Google) Si vous voulez partager un gameplay sur la chaine envoyer le ici :) : Alexander.jimmy.y@gmail.com (Utiliser We Transfert sur Google)

WoT Blitz E50 Impossible win

Last man standing and came out on top. Discord server: https://discord.gg/ddpY6Pa In 1080P 60FPS with sound

King Tiger Tank 213, La Gleize, the Ardenne, Belgium.

The video starts with me looking for and not finding a pretty remarkable landmark (no messing about with statues and plaques in La Gleize) a Tiger tank. Considering the size of the village it takes some time to find the tank (I mean, it's not exactly big is it?). La Gleize is significant in the Battle of the Bulge because this small village is as far as the Germans advanced in their counter-attack in the Ardennes. Why upload the search for the tank? I think it gives the viewer a better understanding of where things are in case they want to visit and also shows some of the excitment I feel when going on these tours. You do not come across a Tiger tank like this on a normal day. I digress. Obviously I find the tank and give a quick tour of King Tiger tank 213 (that is important as you will see in the video) to give an idea of the size and dimensions of this massive machine (Allied soldiers often talked with fear and respect about the sound of the German Tiger tank). I would like to add to the final part of the clip when I talk about the shop. I think it is called Ardennes 44 Military Antiques and is linked to the museum here in La Gleize. I do not think it has an online presence beyond a Facebook page. Anyway, as I say in the clip, if you have loads (and I mean loads) of cash, then this little shop has the best selection of original uniforms, shell casings, WWII original equipment etc I have seen. The prices seem high so I may be talking rubbish on their relative value but it really has some good stuff (if you disagree please add a message I will stop raving about it). GPS info: 50.41014,005.84615

Pro VS Noob | WoT Blitz #1

This is the reality face in World of Tank Blitz even in all of games. Become a pro or noob is your choice XD. Here, I just try to make videos I though that's funny to watch and I hope you enjoy it. Like and subscribe to support this channel. List of Songs : 1. Power Rangers Theme Heavy Metal- Charlie Parra del Riego 2. The DERP Song 3. Kevin MacLeod - Bumbly March 4. Spore Galactic Adventures Soundtrack - Smooth City Night This video is also featuring with OPGames WoTB https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoJ6Smtgkyw_Amc0iDflXqg And this is my inspirations of making this video : World of Tanks - Expectation VS Reality #1 by AwesomeEpicGuys


A comparative between the medium allied tank, M4 Sherman, and his german opponent, the heavy Tiger armed with a 88 mm gun. A world war two duel.

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