[Wot Blitz] Tiger II 5650dmg MASTERY ACE {20160607}

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World of tanks blitz luchs vs tiger 2

Wot Blitz TIGER II

a video with the awesome tank tiger II

World Of Tanks PRO vs NOOB

Because the comparison is wrong because i made this video as a joke, i made another video hopefully doing it right comparing correctly, there it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MIPJSjZq-0 So this time its a brand new idea for world of tanks, i thought of it as a new/fun idea for world of tanks, i hope you enjoy, please dont take it seriously its just for fun ^^ ► Subscribe and like for more amazing video's ►Follow me on: Twitter : Archi4thelolz Instagram : Archi4thelolz Snapchat : Archi4thelolz ► Songs Arc North - Heroic [FSTU Release] Miza & Dr. Drake - Back To The Future [FSTU Release] Mysteryos & Ex3ptions - Healing Soul [FSTU Release]

World of Tanks Blitz - Invincible #1: Tiger II

A great showcase of German steel in action. I do most damage, get most xp and take zero penetrations. The key is proper angling and tracking of faster opponents that could flank you. The gun... it's a monster of a gun!

Tiger II WoT Blitz

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