Horizon Zero Dawn - All Allies Joined Trophy Guide (Ally Locations)

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10 unfairest bosses in gaming

Not all video game bosses are made equally. Some bosses are hard because they are simply unfair. We are here today to name and shame the most annoyingly cheap boss battles that exist in games. From the many overpowered fighting game bosses to the most blatantly unfair boss in Dark Souls. Here are the 10 unfairest bosses in gaming! Thumbnail artwork by EnigaSystem http://www.artstation.com/artist/enigmasystem Galactus - Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Get ready to see a lot of fighting games on this list. Somehow the developers of these games really seem to like cheap boss battles. Galactus, the cosmic, planet-eating being, is like a Greatest Hits of unfair fighting game bosses. He's huge in size, has a non-stop laser beam barrage and massively confusing attacks. Capra Demon - Dark Souls The Dark Souls series is known for being tough, but fair… Except for the Capra Demon from the original Dark Souls. Everything about the battle is intended to cheat the player out of a victory, and the developers should be ashamed for its inclusion. What makes the Capra Demon such a hard battle is not so much the demon itself, but rather the area that you fight it in. Shao Kahn - Mortal Kombat 2 Shao Kahn has ruined the lives of arcade goers and console owners for decades. Fans of Mortal Kombat expect a certain level of brutality but the merciless beatings this guy delivers are out of this world. It’s almost as if he knows your exact button inputs even before you enter them. Pretty much the only time you can attack Shao Kahn is when he's taunting you. T Deviljho - Monster Hunter 3 The Monster Hunter series is filled with incredible boss battles. It also has its share of unfair ones, that abuse the lengthy animations of the player. There is one monster that stands out from the rest in terms of unfairness. Its name is Deviljho, and he’s big, fast, and strong. You encounter him in High Rank missions, where he will pose a challenge to the most experienced team of Hunters. Azazel - Tekken 6 Azazel is a fire-breathing crystal dragon that's as tall as the screen in Tekken 6. He has disgusting combo damage with his stomps, unpredictable animations, and immaculate defenses. His enormous size covers the majority of your viewing angle at any given time which is very annoying. Gill - Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Gill is the horribly unfair final boss of Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. His normal attacks cause block damage and his stuns last much longer than yours. His super arts are particularly broken and cause obscene amounts of damage. The guy moves like lightning. Death Egg Zone - Sonic 2 Sonic 2 is a pretty short and easy game. However there is one frustratingly difficult moment and it happens during the final level. Once you reach the Death Egg Zone, you are thrust into two consecutive boss battles. The first is against Metal Sonic. The second is against Dr. Robotnik’s Giant Mech. Seth - Street Fighter IV You think the developers would have learned from the unfair boss in Street Fighter 3. However Seth in Street Fighter IV is just as cheap. His moveset is made up entirely of enhanced versions of the best attacks from other characters. It seems that Seth was intentionally designed to be as frustrating as possible. Dark Souls - Bed Of Chaos The second unfair boss fight in Dark Souls comes in the form of Bed of Chaos. Every challenge in Dark Souls is surmountable on the first try if you give it enough consideration, but not this one. Each time you destroy one of the two anchors placed on either side of the boss, the floor will crumble away. This happens with zero indication as to where or when that will happen. Parace L'Sia - Arcana Hearts 3 This major boss character in the Arcana Heart series is beyond cheap. Her moves are absolute overkill and she so many other unfair advantages. She is fast as lightning, teleports around the arena and combos your health away. She also generates her health the entire fight and has very overpowered special moves. What is the most unfair boss you’ve ever fought? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel! YOU NEED A COOL SHIRT? ► http://shop.zoomin.tv/#/ZoominGamesShop ZOOMINGAMES ON SOCIAL MEDIA ► Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/zoomingames ► Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/zoomingames ► Instagram - zoomingames.ig ► Discord - https://discord.gg/3xzSxEa ► Twitch - http://www.twitch.tv/zoomintvgames MUSIC AND AUDIO Music provided by Epidemic Sound. http://www.epidemicsound.com/youtube-creator-subscription/

Horizon Zero Dawn - All Grazer Training Dummy Locations (Downed 23 Grazer dummies Trophy Guide)

Horizon Zero Dawn has 23 Grazer training dummies in the Nora region. Finding all their locations unlocks the trophy "Downed 23 Grazer dummies". They look like deer made of straw, with a bow training target on them. You can knock them over with your spear. They are usually near campfires. All of them are at named map locations. Mostly at towns / settlements and two bandit camps. Nora Region is the snowy starting area, including the north-eastern snowy parts. This region ends where the desert starts. Grazer Training Dummy Locations (with Video timestamps): Rost's House: 7 (0:05) Mother's Heart: 2 (1:12) Mother's Watch: 2 (1:46) Mother's Cradle: 2 (2:22) Nora Hunting Grounds: 2 (3:24) Mother's Rise: 2 (3:57) Devil's Thirst Camp: 1 (4:46) Mother's Crown: 2 (5:10) Hunter's Gathering: 2 (5:44) Two Teeth: 1 (6:19) Horizon Zero Dawn Trophy Guide & Roadmap: http://www.powerpyx.com/horizon-zero-dawn-trophy-guide-roadmap/ SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=powerpyx Captured on PS4 PRO in Performance Mode. Thanks to Sony / PlayStation for providing a copy of this game. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow PowerPyx: http://www.powerpyx.com http://www.youtube.com/PowerPyx http://www.facebook.com/PowerPyx http://www.twitter.com/PowerPyx ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ____________________________________ All Horizon Zero Dawn Trophies (HZD): All trophies obtained Obtained all Horizon Zero Dawn trophies. Stealth killed 10 machines Performed a stealth kill on 10 machines. 3 Strikes From Above Killed 3 enemies using the Strike from Above skill. Tore off 10 components Detached 10 components from machines during combat. 10 Vulnerable machine kills Killed 10 machines weak to Fire while burning, or weak to Freeze while frozen. Tore off 5 heavy weapons Detached 5 heavy weapons from machines during combat. 7 types of machine overridden Unlocked and used the overrides for 7 different types of machine. Headshot 30 human enemies Killed 30 human enemies by landing headshots on them. Downed 23 Grazer dummies Found and knocked over all of the Grazer training dummies in the Nora region. First Modification Used a Weapon Coil or Outfit Weave on a modifiable weapon or outfit. All Acquisition machines killed Killed at least one of every type of Acquisition machine. All Recon machines killed Killed at least one of every type of Reconnaissance machine. All Combat machines killed Killed at least one of every type of Combat machine. All Transport machines killed Killed at least one of every type of Transport machine. Reached level 10 Reached player level 10. Reached level 25 Reached player level 25. Reached level 40 Reached player level 40. Reached level 50 Reached player level 50. All Skills learned Learned all available skills. First Tallneck Overridden Scaled a Tallneck and accessed its information. First Bandit Camp cleared Took back a settlement from a bandit clan. First Core Overridden Reached the Core of a Cauldron and accessed its information. All Suns at one Ground Earned at least a Half Sun mark in all three trials at one Hunting Ground. Blazing Suns at one Ground Earned a Blazing Sun mark in all three trials at one Hunting Ground. First Corrupted Zone cleared Killed all the corrupted machines in a Corrupted Zone. All Tallnecks Overridden Scaled all of the Tallnecks and accessed their information. Cleared all the Bandit Camps Took back all settlements from the bandit clans. All Cores Overridden Reached the Core of every Cauldron and accessed the information within. All Suns at all Grounds Earned at least a Half Sun mark in all trials at all of the Hunting Grounds. Blazing Suns at all Grounds Earned a Blazing Sun mark in all trials at all of the Hunting Grounds. All Corrupted Zones cleared Killed all the corrupted machines in every Corrupted Zone. All machines catalogued Encountered and Focus scanned every type of machine. First Vantage found Found and accessed a Vantage datapoint. First Metal Flower found Discovered a strange metal flower. First Banuk Figure found Found a wooden effigy left by a Banuk traveler. First Ancient Vessel found Found an ancient vessel once used by the Old Ones. All Vantages found Found and accessed all of the Vantage datapoints. All Metal Flowers found Found all of the Metal Flowers. All Banuk Figures found Found all of Arnak's figures. All Ancient Vessels found Found all the Ancient Vessels. Got the Shield-Weaver outfit Recovered an ancient technology and put it to use.

معلومات تمنيت اني اعرفها اول اللعبة | Horizon Zero Dawn

تقديم: الجهــدي - @TheSlinger_11 فيديو كيف تسافر ببلاش من غير موارد https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WANrGpwugt0 تابع قناة جهاد https://www.youtube.com/JihadYT أشترك بالقناة بالضغط على زر SUBSCRIBE لمزيد من الأخبار على موقعنا www.ExtravaGaming.com ----------------------------------------­­------------------- Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExtravaGaming Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Extravagaming/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ExtravaGaming/ Google+: https://plus.google.com/+ExtravaGaming SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/ExtravaGaming iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/kw/podcast/extravagaming/id729686042?mt=2 Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/ExtravaGaming Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/EtravaGaming/

Why was Rost an Outcast? - EXPLAINED! Horizon Zero Dawn

Why was Rost an Outcast in Horizon Zero Dawn? Why is Rost an Exile? Have you wondered about Rost's past? This is a video detailing Rost's past and why he is an outcast. This is an option scene in Horizon Zero Dawn that tells the tragic tale of Rost - Aloy's father figure from Horizon Zero Dawn. This is near the end of the game, and is easy to miss. Thankfully, you can find out about rost's past and rost's lore in this video. Rost's past in Horizon zero dawn is a tale of a man pushed to his limits, and you'll figure out why rost was an outcast in Horizon zero dawn I appreciate all kinds of feedback; both positive and negative. Please feel free to inform me of any mistakes. If you find value in this video, why not subscribe? It motivates me to continue. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sub here (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ http://yt.vu/c/UCPH28MUR1-Ko5tRQuJf3zmw ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Also, why not join my discord server? I even have a personal insult me corner because I like that stuff. Find the discord server here (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ https://discord.gg/gZWsb9f ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Want 12 Months of PlayStation Plus with Amazon? http://amzn.to/2nE0LDb (Affiliate Link) (U.S.) http://amzn.to/2nXmamY (Affiliate Link) (U.K.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Any comments? Just drop them! I reply pretty quick. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Credits: Music that may have been used in this production is provided by Kevin Macleod of incompetech.com

شرح تروفي هورايزن زيرو داون | Trophies Horizon Zero Dawn

واذا كانت تبي تتابعني اكثر شوف باقي الوصف ولا تنسى (( لايك واشترك في القناة)) هذا الايدي حقي : ( ما عندي حساب ثاني ابداً !! ) PSN ID = lilshark_187 PSN Trophies = http://goo.gl/bnixVT Steam = lilshark_187 للي يبي يتواصل معي : Twitter = http://goo.gl/r3LBYC

Horizon Zero Dawn - All allies joined Trophy Guide - Given Aloy's actions, all possible optional allies joined the defense. [Bronze]

UPDATE: Dialogue choices do not matter. You don't have to choose heart. Feel free to choose fist or brain, it doesn't affect allies.


Play up until the main quest "The Looming Shadow". This is main quest #21 and the final mission of the game (can check progress in notebook stats).

Before doing the first objective of The Looming Shadow, go and do the following 11 side quests:

- Traitor's Bounty + Queen's Gambit
- A Moments Peace
- A Daughter's Vengeance
- Sun and Shadow
- Honor the Fallen
- Sunstone Rock
- Hunting For the Lodge + Hunter's Blind + Deadliest Game + Redmaw

If any quests are unavailable it's because you haven't progressed far enough in the story. They will all be available by the time you reach "The Looming Shadow". If you run into a quest earlier feel free to complete it. Once all 11 side quests are done go do "The Looming Shadow" main quest. You get the objective to go to bed before the final battle. This unlocks the trophy during a cutscene when Aloy is sleeping.

After completing the last mission it will put you back before the Looming Shadow quest and it can be replayed as many times as you want. So if you missed a side quest it's no problem. You can still do those after the final mission and then replay it.


1. Aluki
2. Elida
3. Teb
4. Vanesha
5. Uthid
6. Nakoa
7. Janeva
8. Petra
9. Sona
10. Varl
11. Namman
12. Erend
13. Talanah

You can go talk to all of them before the final battle. You'll get two optional objectives to visit both defense sites (Spire and Ridge). The allies can be found there.

*Dialogue choices do not affect this trophy. Personally, I always chose heart, so that's what I tested and confirmed to be working. The developers have since confirmed that dialogue choices do not affect the trophy.

*Killing Nil in side quest "Cause for Concern" does not impact the trophy. He doesn't count as an ally. The trophy unlocked for me despite killing Nil. The characters that you can kill don't count as allies.

Horizon Zero Dawn Trophy Guide & Roadmap (HZD): http://www.powerpyx.com/horizon-zero-dawn-trophy-guide-roadmap/

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Captured on PS4 PRO in Performance Mode. Thanks to Sony / PlayStation for providing a copy of this game.

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