Eachine Chaser 88 - New Flight with better PID settings

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PID Tuning Tutorial : GB130

So as you could see in the video, I wasn't really able to get this guy tuned in so well. The video does demonstrate how I would go about trying to remove high throttle oscillations if you have them though. I am not sure if there is a mechanical issue causing the vibrations, such as a slightly bent shaft, or resonating frame, but I obviously could not rid the copter of them. As for the tune, it might be from my lack of experience tuning small copters (this is my first 3inch), but I feel like there is a limit to which these small components can react, with their low torque. (might also have part to do with my F330 20a little bees not being suited for these super high RPMs) Found the video helpful in tuning your copter? Please consider supporting me on Patreon. https://www.patreon.com/TheRCAddict Please feel free to leave suggestions down below if you have any! Other PID tuning tutorials: ZMR-X210: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-uTsgPDIUY GB-X210: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMFQ0R0JQTA&t=476s Check me out on Instagram! https://instagram.com/the_rcaddict/

Eachine Chasser 88 Nano Racing Drone Flight Test: Fast FPV Flight Review

In this video we take a closer look at the brand new Chaser88 from Eachine. This aircraft brings brushless racing to the new class of racers under 100mm. This aircraft can really perform and is worth adding to your collection. I replaced the stock camera with an Eachine MC01 and I am getting much better video. The image is cleaner and the static issue I was having is gone. The MC01 camera was easy to install and it works great, I might try to install the MC02 camera, but I'll need to install a booster module first. The range I got while using the FSA8S receiver was great. The battery life was a little short, but charge times are quick. Durability is amazing, this aircraft is designed to crash hard and keep going. The metal roll bar does a great job absorbing impacts and protecting the camera and video transmitter. Definitely worth checking out. Buy the aircraft here Eachine Chaser-88 ARF http://www.banggood.com/Eachine-Chaser88-F3-FPV-Racer-ARF-with-4-In-1-6A-ESC-5_8G-40CH-VTX-800TVL-13-Cmos-Camera-2-3S-p-1120343.html?rmmds=search?utm_content=xujiatong&utm_source=rcgroups&utm_medium=rcgs&utm_campaign=rc101 Flight video recorded with - Eachine 5802LCD 5.8 G Video receiving diversity monitor with DVR http://www.banggood.com/Eachine-LCD5802D-5802-5_8G-40CH-7-Inch-FPV-Monitor-with-DVR-Build-in-Battery-p-1029504.html?utm_content=xujiatong&utm_source=rcgroups&utm_medium=rcgs&utm_campaign=rc101 VR Glasses used - Eachine Goggles Two http://www.banggood.com/Eachine-Goggles-Two-5-Inches-5_8G-40CH-Raceband-HD-1080p-HDMI-FPV-Goggles-Video-Glasses-p-1094862.html?rmmds=search?utm_content=xujiatong&utm_source=rcgroups&utm_medium=rcgs&utm_campaign=rc101 Transmitter used - Flysky FS i6 http://www.banggood.com/FlySky-FS-i6-2_4G-6CH-AFHDS-RC-Transmitter-With-FS-iA6B-Receiver-p-983537.html?rmmds=search?utm_content=xujiatong&utm_source=rcgroups&utm_medium=rcgs&utm_campaign=rc101 Receiver used - Flysky FS A8S 2 http://www.banggood.com/Flysky-FS-A8S-2_4G-8CH-Mini-Receiver-with-PPM-i-BUS-SBUS-Output-p-1092861.html?rmmds=search?utm_content=xujiatong&utm_source=rcgroups&utm_medium=rcgs&utm_campaign=rc101 Chaser 88 stats 91.4 grams stock Video transmitter - 25mW 40CH 5.8g Motors-Brushless 1103 10000kv F3 Mini flight controller Battery 7.4 volt 2 cell 450 mah Receiver-FS A8S 8 channel receiver i-bus sbus ppm size 88 millimeter

Eachine QX90C on Betaflight 3.1

By popular request! Eachine QX90C flashed to the latest Betaflight. Even with minimal tuning, it flies much better than on Cleanflight! Finalized CLI dump will be published here in about a week. Check back later for the link. Get the QX90C here - http://goo.gl/aVaq2t Complete CLI dump with updated PIDS - http://goo.gl/iEITOB RC Gear Turnigy Evolution - http://goo.gl/xp5AGq FrSky Taranis X9D Plus - http://goo.gl/W6VNL3 Fatshark Dominator V3 Goggles - http://goo.gl/ixDi1w Camera Gear Sony RX100 Mark V - http://goo.gl/yaQvft GoPro Hero Session 5 - http://goo.gl/4PA6Bn Hawkeye Firefly 7S - http://goo.gl/v2NGCQ RunCam2 - http://goo.gl/QS3pzu Xiaomi Yi Action Camera - http://goo.gl/u30TkK Mobius Mini - http://goo.gl/L2oNNu Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - http://goo.gl/1uOSFg My Video Drones DJI Mavic Pro - http://goo.gl/ecxdZQ Yuneec Breeze 4K Selfie Drone - http://goo.gl/3YhDwY Hubsan H109S X4 Pro - http://goo.gl/FL4jss What I use to edit my videos - http://amzn.to/1VJHWp7 SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL - http://goo.gl/b1cZZM

Eachine Aurora 90 DIY 90mm Brushless Mikro FPV Racer - Eigenbau

Der Carbon Rahmen Eachine Aurora 90 eignet sich für die Brushless Motoren ab 7000KV und 2S Akku. Sogar 3S Akku kann verwendet werden. 2017-03-23 - Flugtest Video - https://youtu.be/AK6YH2nCMIo 2017-03-20 - Die Aurora90 4 Blatt Propeller sind die bessere Wahl für diese Drohne mit Propeller Schutz. Weniger Lärm und kraftvoller. 2017-03-19 - original F3 eingebaut wegen integriertem OSD 2017-03-10 - original 10A ESC 4in1 eingebaut, da der 6A durchgebrannt ist mit 3S Akku Komponenten die ich für Aurora 90 Drohne verwendet habe: Eachine Aurora 90 Frame - https://goo.gl/RZtYMd Eachine Minicube 10A 4in1 ESC - https://goo.gl/M0pc4s DYS BE1104 1104 Brushless Motor 7000KV 2-3S - https://goo.gl/j7sCcR Eachine Minicube F3 FC - OSD https://goo.gl/dMBdpP Aurora90 4 blade props - https://goo.gl/KBEW5F Eachine TX03 PAL AIO FPV Camera - https://goo.gl/wDw8CF Liantian LED Strip 4x WS2812B - https://goo.gl/NpiFsZ Gaoneng GNB 7.4V 550mAh 2S 80/160C - https://goo.gl/Z1ACWd Turnigy nano-tech 450mAh 3S 65C Lipo - https://goo.gl/1knKdZ Flysky FS-A8S receiver - https://goo.gl/xkGHQY FlySky FS-i6X Funke - https://goo.gl/BJWvZj Skyzone SKY02S Goggles - https://goo.gl/TKyI6Y Und die fertige Drohne bei Banggood: Eachine Aurora 90 ARF - https://goo.gl/j6u6Wl Mein Equipment: Skyzone SKY02S V+ Brille - https://goo.gl/IWRARU Skyzone 7.4V LiPo - https://goo.gl/pHqZcc FrSky TARANIS Q X7 Funke - https://goo.gl/NLlhjc FrSky X9D Plus SE Funke - https://goo.gl/KlnCoS iRangeX IRX4 Plus Multiprotokol Modul - https://goo.gl/uF6Co8 FrSky XM Empfänger  - https://goo.gl/5InfW5 FrSky XM+ Empfänger - https://goo.gl/pcYGyO FrSky R-XSR Empfänger - https://goo.gl/4YM9LH FrSky XSR Empfänger - https://goo.gl/00SGNz FlySky FS-i6X Funke - https://goo.gl/BJWvZj Flysky FS-A8S Empfänger - https://goo.gl/xkGHQY Flysky X6B Empfänger - https://goo.gl/L8H4FT RunCam 3 Actiocam - https://goo.gl/9njQov RunCam Eagle 2 - https://goo.gl/fauyaF RunCam Micro Swift - https://goo.gl/2GxyFr Runcam Swift Mini - https://goo.gl/Cxn8LR Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/kopterheld/ Blog - https://kopterheld.wordpress.com/ Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/kopterheld RCGroups - https://goo.gl/JYP87D

Мини квадрик Eachine Chaser88 на БК моторах

Покупал тут: https://goo.gl/6THz26 Мартовская распродажа: https://vk.cc/6n9yWh ➤ Возврат до 17% с каждой покупки в Интернете: http://goo.gl/WTMk9F ====================== Очень было интересно полетать на таком мелком квадрокоптере да еще и с БК моторами. Посылка шла очень долго чето, но дошла. Тяга у него отличная, подрывается сразу на газ не то что от коллекторных. Но есть и минусы, например из-за подсветки аккумулятор садится за минуту полета. Так же как мне кажется не нужен клевер, вместо него можно поставить дипольку и можно будет убрать дугу, она все равно не очень защищает. Ссылка на мой канал про квадрики: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmIvLUxUFRrUUQ0qOoP6ZmA ====================== ПОДПИШИСЬ НА КАНАЛ! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=kitayskiykitay Мы в Instagram: http://instagram.com/kitayskiy.kitay Мы в twitter: @KitayskiyKitay Наш сайт: http://rowpost.ru Наша группа ВК: http://vk.com/kitayskiy.kitay ====================== Рады видеть Вас на нашем канале Китайский Китай! Здесь мы расскажем о интернет-покупках из Китая Европы, России и Америки. На нашем канале вы найдете много интересного, а именно видео-распаковки посылок из самых разных стран, обзоры самых популярных товаров, наши рекомендации, а еще много акций и конкурсов для наших подписчиков! Вы узнаете где и как лучше покупать через интернет без потерь для себя. Какие текущие промо акции и скидки на aliexpress, действуют в данный момент и какие не стоит пропускать. Aliexpress отзывы Вступайте в ряды наших подписчиков, вы не пожалеете, с нами интересно!

Out of the box, this quadcopter was quite wobbly. Another Chaser 88 owner posted updated PID settings, and this flight was made with these applied. There was a breeze blowing, so an extra challenge for the flight controller to counter this, but overall it certainly felt better than the stock settings.

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