YTP - You on Kazoo!

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[YTP] Cold

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YTP - Let's Sing Along!

The kazoo kid is back and has opened a brainwashing facility in attempts to add more kids to his ever expanding army of freaks. The kazoo kid ytp utilises a sing along method to ensnare the children, using his annoyingly high pitched voice to do so. A let's sing along ytp Edited by: Jed Honour Music Credits: 1:46 Space Funeral - Dancing Penguins 2:23 Giygas Theme 2:55 Boards of Canada - Olson - Warp Records

Try Not To Laugh Challenge [MEDIUM]

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Organ Story

Organ Story T-Shirts: Best watched in HD! Organ Story is a dark musical tale following the lives of the internal organs of an average bloke named Lloyd. Watch on Newgrounds: Wonderful music by deadlyfishes: Sound Effects from:


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A socially awkward kid plays the kazoo in attempts to become a dank meme and to make special friends, but fails miserably and comes off as being creepy instead, turning into an internet legend.

And now... Kazoo kid!

You on Kazoo! A kazoo kid ytp

Edited by: Jed Honour

Music Credits:
00:35 Giygas's Theme
01:38 Daft Punk Face-to-Face
02:02 Never Gonna Give You Up MLG Airhorn Remix By Cryanek
02:48 Boards of Canada I Will Get It Tattooed

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