Kingdom Hearts II - Twilight Town (Kairi)

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All Kairi Scenes (Kingdom Hearts II)

All of Kairi's screentime from Kingdom Hearts II. 0:01 - The Girl He Likes 2:53 - Message in a Bottle 3:51 - Kairi's Great Adventure 6:51 - The True Meaning of a Gift 7:00 - Kairi and Namine 8:14 - Riku to the Rescue 9:53 - Heroes Together 10:41 - Observations On High 11:03 - Reunion 15:06 - The Gambler of Fate 15:53 - The Lunar Diviner 18:12 - Ansem's Sacrifice 23:41 - Swarming the Castle 25:27 - The Alter of Naught 29:38 - Battle For Kingdom Hearts 30:36 - After the Battle 34:43 - Ending

The Last of Sora and Kairi Together Memories

This last of Sora and Kairi. So I hope you enjoy and put comments and like Kingdom Hearts Fans. So I know they made own decision and opinion. But Kingdom Hearts III is going to the last game. So I love Sokai That's my opinion and you can't change it. Deal with it. Sora and Kairi are Become and Romances. Sora will finally end with Xehanort's saga once and for all. But Kingdom Hearts III is not gonna die. So I hope you enjoy and This is it. This is the end. So I not gonna making SoKai everyday in Youtube and deviantart. So You can make your own videos if you like. Sora and Young Sora by Kazuki9484 King Sora by ColoussNightShade Young Kairi by Kazuki9484 Kairi New Dress by Sorasprincesss 7th Princess Kairi by Kohaku-Ume Destiny Islands Secret Spot by Kazuki9484 Radiant Garden by redRelvoutionire mmd Sora Haley Joel Osment Kairi Hayden Panettiere Take care.

KH Organization XIII's Deaths/Roxas' Losses in Chronological Order

You can skip to a scene with the timestamps below! Kingdom Hearts Re: CoM: Vexen: 0:00 Larxene: 1:42 Lexaeus: 2:05 Marluxia: 3:06 Zexion: 3:41 Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days: Xion: 5:09 Roxas (vs Riku): 8:08 Kingdom Hearts 2: Demyx: 11:28 Xaldin: 11:47 Roxas (vs Sora): 12:06 Axel: 14:02 Xigbar: 16:01 Luxord: 16:24 Saïx: 16:47 Xemnas: 17:23

KH2 Sora, Kairi, and Riku Reunite

Hey guys, got a request wanting this video:) This shows when Sora and Kairi hug and when Sora, Kairi, and Riku Reunite. Got the scene from KH-VIDS.NET. Hope u guys like!!

The First Hours of Kingdom Hearts 2 Were Perfect

Pluto is lost and somehow finds his way to Destiny Islands where he meets Kairi and leads her to Twilight Town away from Axel. Sometime later, Sora meets Saix after he saves Seifer from some Nobodies.
Meanwhile Hayney's Gang gives some Bad and Sad News that Kairi and Pluto were captured by Axel

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