Maya The Bee Season 2 - Dung Ball Drama

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Maya The Bee Season 2 - On Top Form

When Shelby drinks a container of royal jelly, he's suddenly filled with energy. He shares it with the other insects and they become restless too, which makes Maya feel concerned.

Maya The Bee - Cake for The Queen Full Episode 01 of Season 03 - Lattu Kids 🐝

🐝 Watch 3d animated adventure cartoon series - Maya The Bee. Full episode 01 of season 03. In this episode, Unknowingly, Willy eats the Queen's cake. Maya and friends try to find the recipe for the cake and make a new one before everyone in the hive notices that the cake has disappeared. First seen on Discovery Kids India, now you can watch the 3d animated adventures of Maya on Lattu Kids App - Aired on Discovery Kids India, this series teaches children moral values, manners & basic loyalty. Keep your child entertained with Discovery Kids India videos, Kindergarten, Nursery and Preschool Rhyme videos. Watch more Kindergarten, Nursery and Preschool Rhyme videos for your child's learning and entertainment. Famous Nursery Rhymes Compilations - Nursery Rhymes for Children - Two Hands Kids Learning Videos - Karaoke Nursery Rhymes for Toddlers - If you like our video please Like, Comment, Share the Maya The Bee Episode one with your friends & don't forget to Subscribe to our channel - Download App - Facebook - Google+ - Twitter - Visit -

Maya The Bee Season 1 - Weather On Demand

Lara wants to be the centre of attention, so she tells her friends she has the power to change the weather. Maya doesn't believe her and investigates.

Maya The Bee Season 2 - Roll On The Holidays

Paul and his army endlessly patrol the meadow day and night. When the soldiers become exhausted, Maya suggests they take a holiday.

Maya The Bee Season 1 - Once Upon A Slime

There is a heat wave in the meadow, and Slink the slug can't move because he can't make slime. Maya and Willy have to find water to hydrate him.

After being criticised for their work, Kurt and Ben, upset, decide to go on strike. Maya and the other insects try to keep the meadow clean, but soon realise it's not so simple.

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