ZeroAbyss Plays Games - 5/13/18 - PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, Overwatch, WoW, etc

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds - Баклаха пива и пулю в рыло...ТАЩИМ ДО ТОП 1!!!! ДОНАТИКИ C ОЗВУЧКОЙ заходи в инстраграм добавляйтесь в друзья вконтакте СТИМ ПРОФИЛЬ!

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GTA 5 - Zerando o Game

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Today we have got a bunch of FUNNY MOMENTS, FAILS and CRAZY MOMENTS on OVERWATCH!! ►Submit your Overwatch Plays to or email them to ➥Enjoy the Video? Join the Community!! ►Want to see more funnies, fails and crazy moments? Check out part 86: Check out part 85: ➥Video Clip Sources: - pro mei strat helps team to destroy the enemies defence - moria ult is so close to killing zenyatta - lucio is killed through the spawn door by hanzos scatter arrow – Reinhardt is sent flying and kils mercy by Zoomonster1974 – pharah gets out of the moon map - 1 hour que time - tracer gets a ‘calculated’ pulse bomb onto zenyatta - reinhardt gets a quad hammer swing kill - mei pushes Reinhardt in the air with her wall to secure a double kill - pro team having fun with meis emote before the game starts - sneaky mercy pushes the payload to the point without the enemy team knowing - sombra tries to sneak up on the enemies but is denied twice by junkrat - player is savage to timthetatman - hanumarua strat on tracer - widowmaker gets scared by the enemy team - zarya ults the tire on the moon map - winston gets taken out by a car on oasis when trying to escape - hanzo accidentally kills somebody - widowmaker outplays winston and genji - kills pharah 3 times in a row – genji + tracer huge play to recap the point at the last second - ana 6k in competitive game - widowmaker gets 6 kills with a grapple kill - crazy tracer play – mccree team kill on console by Peushin - tracer gets a pulse bomb using creative jumps - genji two awesome reflects in a row vs widowmaker and zarya – widowmaker team kill + funny reaction by fireXDcool - dies and her player model lands in a funny position - kills pharah 3 times in a row - soldier 76 rages after going for a big play with ult but getting shutdown by reinhardt - soldier 76 asks if his team wants to see something fun and ends up killing the entire enemy team ➥If there is ANY problems with the usage of these clips please get in contact with me at and we will get it resolved ASAP! (: Music: 0:00 ES_Should Have Known Better (Instrumental Version) - Johannes Häger 2:46 ES_Sneaky Cats 02 - Håkan Eriksson 3:20 James Bond - Theme song 4:48 ES_Turn The Page (Instrumental Version) - Alexander Bergil 5:48 ES_Concrete Pilots (instrumental Version) - Daniel Gunnarsson 9:22 ES_Battle Cry 2 - Gustavsson & Sandberg ➥PLEASE NOTE: To avoid copyright problems some of the music has been attained through Epidemic Sound. Because of this you may not be able to find the song even with the songs title. Thanks & Enjoy - Overwatch Plays♥

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