An Average Day in PUBG

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Best of PUBG Voice Chat

Voice chat is the one thing they never need to fix. This video has some of the best moments I've had with this feature since I started playing PUBG. For live dumbass action and custom games: Discord: Patreon: Thumbnail art by SnowAnimation: Music used:

The New PUBG Meta

PUBG has sure changed since the last time I played it. The UMP is now better than assault rifles, shotguns are more effective and bolt action snipers are decent because not everyone has a Lv. 3 helmet anymore. Twitch: Discord: Patreon: Music used ➡️ Original star size video ➡️ BIG THANK YOU to all the random people who played with me, my patrons for supporting me through the making of this, and the three awesome guys below for their contributions: Just Alio (Thumbnail Art): Tristan Elliott (Bonus Narration): WackyJacky 101 (Voice Clip):

Making Friends in PUBG

Anyone can make enemies in this game, but it takes a special kind of stupid to try to make friends in it. These are some of the most memorable moments from my voice chat interactions with random people. More PUBG montages and guides coming soon. Catch moments like this live: Join the community: Support my videos: Thanks to Tay for the amazing artwork in the thumbnail:

PUBG Emotes are OP

These new killstreaks are just what PUBG needed. Twitch: Discord: Patreon: Big thanks to my all my viewers and friends that helped me collect dumb footage for this video. Check out their channels in the credits below. Also to my patrons for supporting me while YouTube decided to demonetize my entire channel a month ago. Amazing thumbnail by: Music used: 0:04 Quantum Solace OST - James Bond Theme 0:56 Matanusca Klezmer Swing: 4:12 Jeopardy Theme 6:48 Curb Your Enthusiasm

Every time I play PUBG

Big thanks to PlayerUnknown for participating in this video, what a swell guy. For live dumbass PUBG action, follow at: Loot map with the construction buildings: Discord: Patreon: Thumbnail by: This video would've not been possible without Vermoro, the PU body actor who had the trench coat. Also, make sure to check out the channels of HarryBook (PU's voice) and NateWalley (voice cameo) in the credits section below for some quality content. The people supporting me on Patreon who made this possible: Saulius, Smoker, Kyle H., Eldritch, Ian W., Paul, Logan, DrakoEsper, Mercury Chan, UrsaMajorTV, Owl Pharaoh, Jim V., SummitMoon., Devious Snow, Teddy A., Neptune, Groovy Castor, Sir Fraulein, Brad Y., Riley3999, Ivan T., Leo C., James C., Jon S., and Exany.

You don't need friends to have fun in PUBG.

For more dumbass action and custom games:


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Big thanks to Harry Book and Nate Walley (check them out in the credits) for their voiceovers for this video. Also to Cowctus for the thumbnail art.

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