Ret Pally PvP Highlights! WoW 7.3.5

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POOR MAN'S PATENT - Ret Paladin Battleground PvP Highlights - Legion 7.3.5

Worried about someone stealing your idea or doing it before you? I have some advice for that! Subscribe Today! ► Video and Graphics Editor: JugsLinterfins Swifty Fireball Intro created by Thechoiceneo: Also Check Out ▼ Swifty Game Channel: ► SwiftyTwitch Channel: ► Follow me on Twitter: ► Like me on Facebook: ► OriginPC: ► Razer Equipment: ► Razer Product Info: ► Join Razer for more updates and WoW contests & giveaways: ► Music provided by Epidemic Sound & Monstercat:

Battle for Azeroth-UPDATED Ret Pally Talents

With the Release of the updated Alpha for BFA (Battle for Azeroth), and the *updated* Ret Pally Talents. This vid goes through choices I would make on picking which talents and the reasons as to why. LIKE and SUB :D

NOT ON MY WATCH!!! | 7.3.5 RET PALADIN PvP | WoW Legion

BG fun.....hope you enjoy Donations are awesome but never required. Hope you enjoy Also on twitter - @ShatteredSai And facebook under - Shattered Sai

High Warlord Cypris 60 Undead Warrior PvP Emerald Dream

The very long awaited and anticipated, Finally Rank 14 on Cypris. Now you will see all the Fun, Fury, Recklessness, Carnage and insane PvP.

WoW Vanilla Level 60 Warrior PvP - Rank 13 Deltoids BG Montage

Server: Emerald Dream 1.12.1 Music: Celldweller - Good Luck LoL - Ekko Theme BackWordz - Grindstone Might and Magic: Heroes VI - Haven

Been a while but heres a new Highlight vid! hopefuly I get the time to do more! LIKE & SUB!

Three Days Grace - I hate everything about you

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