Maya The Bee - Maya's Garden

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Maya The Bee Season 2 - A Very Peculiar Mother

During a race with Maya, Willy falls into a blueberry bush and is coated with purple juice. Thekla's poor eyesight causes her to mistake Willy for a baby spider that she decides to raise as her own.

Maya The Bee - The Great Pollen Robbery

Maya The Bee - The Great Pollen Robbery

Peter Rabbit : True Friends

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Maya the Bee Barry's Glasses Part 1

Here's part 1 of Barry's Glasses from Maya the Bee

Maya the bee - Episode 25 - Mother Willi

Maya plays with little firebugs. She soon realizes that they are alone and tries to find their mother. She discovers the firebug mother is in despair : if she can't feed her brood, they run away to find a new mother! 🌼 Subscribe: 🌼 All videos of new Maya the Bee: 🌼 Full episodes of Maya the Bee – Classic Series:

Maya The Bee - Maya's Garden

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