Finndamage's WoT - IS-7 Ace Tanker, High Caliber and HT-15.2 (15k dmg caused & blocked)

author Finndamage   2 год. назад

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World of Tanks - IS-7 Goes Hulldown

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World of Tanks | IS-7 - 21.2K Damage Blocked

World of Tanks | IS-7 - 21.2K Damage Blocked - 60 Hits Received Subscribe for more videos: Map: Malinovka Damage Blocked: 21200 Damage: 1690 Send your replays at: ►Facebook: ►Twitter: ModXvm 9.17.1: The IS-7 is a Soviet tier 10 heavy tank. The IS-7 marks the end of its Soviet heavy line.

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World of Tanks - IS-7 - 7 Kills - 9k Damage - 1vs4 [Replay|HD]

• World of Tanks (WoT) - IS-7 - 7 Kills - 9k Damage - 1vs4 - Kolobanov's, Fadin's & Pascucci's medal - Ace Tanker ·································important links································ ► be sure to like,share, comment and subscribe for more: ► WoTBREU on Facebook: ► more videos: ► all playlists: ►Buy very cheap gamekeys fast and safe: ·································WoT Link + Mods································· ► Play WoT now: ► My mods (Replay FreeCam + DMG/Wn8 Panel) ► WoTReplays Link: ································Send your replay in!································ ►Upload your replays and send them to: (pls upload your replays to and send me the link!!!) ········································­········································­···· -If any publisher has an issue with any footage please get in contact with me(

Е 50 - Игра на результат / 4500+ dmg

Оповещение на стриме (донат) - Чек статы -200р Почему стрим в плохом качестве ?- Ужасный интернет и плохой ПК. Канал на твиче - Группа Вконтакте - Мои моды - Твои любимые танки ? - Е50М,140,215b,268/4,T54,E50 Multistreaming with

It wasn't so hard after all with the right tool. The only thing to remember with the IS-7 is to hide you lower plate. After that it's just bounce after bounce.

A lot of gold spamming, true, but I just wanted to get the mission done.

World of Tanks 9.14
Anfield's mod pack

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