World of Tanks Blitz: Tiger 2 Guide and Review

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The Wannabe Unicum Guide to the Tiger II

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World of Tanks Tiger II - 8 Kills 7,1K Damage

Subscribe for more replays! Submit your replays at: - check 'About' for more details. Support the channel with 2 clicks: Follow me on Facebook: Join the Union: World of Tanks Tiger II - 8 Kills 7,1K Damage Medals received: Radley-Walter's Medal, Defender, Steel Wall, High Caliber, Top Gun The Tiger II is a German tier 8 heavy tank. The most heavily armored tank carrying the most powerful anti-tank gun. The vehicle's drawbacks included an overloaded suspension and engine-transmission group, as well as excessive general mass. When engaging enemy vehicles at long range, the Tiger II had an upper hand over any other vehicle in terms of the gun and armor protection. However, due to the excessive mass of the vehicle, relatively low durability of the engine and transmission, and small total number of vehicles built, the Tiger II did not have any significant impact on the course of war. Being one of the most feared tanks in the Second World War, The "Königstiger" (or "King Tiger", as the Allies would call it) operates average in stock configuration; but with proper positioning, it is capable of bouncing shells off its sturdy sloped front armor, provided that its lower front plate is hidden at all times as it is only 100mm thick. It sports a workable level of mobility although the weak engine makes climbing slopes very slow. All in all, this tank is a decent machine at long-range combat, with superior accuracy, good penetration, and a balanced alpha damage. The Tiger II leads to the E 75. Outro song: OST World of Tanks – Intro Login 2016 Mod:

World of Tanks Blitz Gameplay The Tiger Who?

Tiger who? Tiger two! It's long past time that this thing got an updated look and here it is. Hope you guys enjoy it! For apple toting humans the PODCAST IS ON ITUNES HERE! FEED FOR ANDROID CLIENTS HERE! Bushka On Blitz News Webpage: Subscribe or Vacate the premises you randy humans! Lets Connect!!! ------------------------ Google + Facebook: Twitter! Become a channel sponsor and help Increase the means of productivity comrades!!!!! click the link below to check out the Patreon sponsorship initiative! Or donate via paypal¤cy_code=AUD&bn=PP%2dDonationsBF%3abtn_donateCC_LG%2egif%3aNonHosted All efforts to support the channel are appreciated tremendously by yours truly. Check your Stats! Advanced numbers and lots of em! :) DOWNLOAD THE GAME IOS! Android Theme song! Asian Blitz Server Forums! North American Blitz Server Forums! As always thanks to the guy that inspired me to start rolling out blitz content. The Mighty Mighty Jingles!

World Of Tanks PC - Guide Park - PzKpfw VIB Tiger II - Tank Academy In the first episode of the Guide Park series we'll touch on tier Vlll PzKpfw VIB Tiger II tank "King Tiger" as it is otherwise known. The video will cover equipment tips and suggestions for how to improve your gameplay while using this tank. Recommendations and explanations for why particular crew skills should be prioritized are included in this guide as well. Got interested? Play World of Tanks for FREE: North America: Europe: Discuss the video: NA: EU: No time to watch our videos? Join us on Twitter: NA: EU:

WoT Blitz || Tiger II - 4000+ DMG || Feat. Enginecrew

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Today I made a review about the Tiger 2. This tanks is both good in terms of mobility and the cannon but it lacks armor. But still this is a fun tank to drive and I considered it one of my favorite tanks!! So please like, subscribe and enjoy the video! God bless and see yah on the asian servers!! :)

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