How to make battery using coins

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Free Energy battery using COIN

light LED bulb with 4 coin rs.2+1+.25+2 Thanks for watching Like and Share Video subscribe Channel This video Entertainment , Fun , Magic and Puzzle

Charge Your Phone using COIN - Amazing Life Hack - Science Experiment

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How To Make The Mini Metal Foundry

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How to make a Thermal Peltier Fan (Better than Eco

This fan works better than the eco fan as it used a coper pipe heatsink for cooling it will always remain cooler (thus working) no matter where it is placed on the stove. The ecofan (I purchased) if placed at the front of the stove eventually heats up the heatsink and stops working (no temperature difference either side of the peltiers) the ecofan depends on the cooler air coming from the back of the stove to keep the heatsink cool. I used multiple peltier plates wire in series basically to save money as peltiers (TEC or TEG) which are specifically made for thermal electric generation cost about £15 each, mine cost £7 for the pair !

WARNING:-This video is intended for scientific and entertaining purpose only.Any actions in this video shall not be a call to repeat them! Do not try to do this at home, The author shall not be hold liable for any of your actions performed.

I am happy to welcome you to my channel and today I will show you how to make a battery using coin

1:- copper coin
2:-aluminium foil
4:- Cardboard

working:- one coin produce 0.45 volt and here we use 15 coin which produces 6.75V which is sufficient to glow a LED bulb

Note:- You can also charge your mobile by increasing numbers of coin as per voltage required

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